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Smoke / Heat detector

The smarter smoke detector

What it does

Smoke detectors are a common piece of equipment that are installed in every home, but our Smoke/Heat Detector provides the ultimate protection of your family. When installed, it uses light to detect smoke particles in the air and notifies you of emergency immediately. The Smoke/Heat Detector also monitors heat with its fixed temperature sensor inside the shell that can sense the increase of temperature, triggering the alarm when it is unsafe. The Smoke/Heat Detector communicates with the SkyControl Panel to alert you of potential danger, but also sends you messages regarding any maintenance needed such as battery changes which will not happen frequently, because of the five-year lithium battery which is included. The Smoke/Heat Detector is designed to initiate a faster response to thick white and grey smoke than other alarms on the market, but also is less prone to false alarms from cooking incidents. In the case of an emergency, the SkyContol Panel communicates with our 24/7 monitoring team who will call 9-1-1 so you can lead your family to safety and be assured that emergency response teams are on their way.

smoke / heat detector

Why you need it

By installing our Smoke/Heat Detector, you will increase your savings on home insurance, and have the complete peace of mind that you are protected 24/7 by our monitoring services. The SkyControl Panel notifies you immediately of maintenance such as battery change required on the Smoke/Heat Detector, and will not be removed from the panel until the work has been completed. This ensures 100% protection at all times.

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