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Motion Sensor

Be aware of any movement in your house

What it does

Protect the interior of your home by installing Vivint Motion Sensors throughout, as an additional layer of security. Using infrared technology, the Motion Sensors can protect large areas of your home, and guarantees complete protection in high traffic areas. These tamper-protected sensors are equipped with a a 90 degree lookdown and a range of 30 feet. Each sensor contains a passive infrared heat sensor [PIR] which measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view. Motion is then detected when an infrared source with one temperature such as a human, passes in front of an infrared source with another temperature, such as a wall and will trigger the alarm. Pets up to 55 pounds will not affect the Motion Sensors at all. The Motion Sensors fully integrate with the Vivint Smart Home System to communicate alerts to your SkyControl panel or Smartphone. A 5 year lithium battery is included to extend the operation of the sensors without the hassle of changing batteries every year.

motion sensor

How it looks

Compact and the white in color, Motion Sensors blend in with its surroundings and mount easily within the home. Because they are mounted high on interior walls, they are out of the main sightlines, and will not interfere with the interior aesthetics of your home.

Why you need them

Motion Sensors provide additional security while you are away from home, and can be placed near points of intrusion that are not usually monitored as closely. Because of the excellent 90 degree lookdown, the Motion Sensors will cover a greater range within your home.

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