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Medical Pendant

Get peace of mind and get immediate response in a medical emergency

What it does

The Medical Pendant is an important, yet tiny piece of equipment that could save your life. This pendant is useful for people with mobility issues, the elderly or special conditions. The Medical Pendant provides the life saving assistance you may need by always being on your person and instantly connecting you with help. To use, simply hold the top two buttons and the Medical Pendant will connect through your Vivint Smart Home System to our 24/7 Monitoring Center, where a member of our team will help you immediately and send the correct emergency assistance if needed. A five year lithium battery is included to ensure a long lifespan of the Medical Pendant, and the range of use can be up to 100 feet away from your SkyControl panel, so the user is able to move around freely and go outdoors if they wish.

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How it looks

Small, and lightweight. Comes attached to a necklace for easy use.

Why you need it

The Medical pendant will give you an increased value for your money from your Vivint Smart Home System because you use it more often. The complete peace of mind you receive from having assistance at anytime you require, and on immediate care is invaluable.

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