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Glass Break Sensor

Give your house an extra sense of security

What it does

The Vivint Glass Break Sensor arms your home against intruders try to enter through the weak points of the home, such as windows or patio doors. Our Glass Break Detectors feature a special dual-shatter recognition technology that measure the sound wave frequency of shattering glass at the initial impact. The Glass Break Detectors have a 360 degree range and are tamper-proof, protecting vital areas such as windows and glass doors will have a 15 foot range of security. The Glass Break Sensor wirelessly communicates with the Vivint SkyControl Panel to notify you of any break-in attempts while you are home, and you can program notifications to be sent to your Smartphone by using the Vivint Smart Home App.

glass break sensor

Why you need it

The Vivint Glass Break Sensors protect your home in areas of vulnerability where intruders may attempt to break a window or glass door and enter. The 24 hour monitoring with the Vivint Smart Home System protects you and your family while at home or away. For families with dogs over 55 pounds who may not be able to install motion sensors, the Glass Break Sensor is a perfect solution to keeping your family and pets safe.

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