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Garage Door Controller

Open and close your garage from anywhere

What it does

The Vivint Garage Door Controller is another way to simplify your home security and always have a means of double checking things when you are away from home. The Garage Door Controller will not trigger the alarm when opening the door, and can be installed on existing garage doors that have a laser trip wire for ultimate compatibility. The Vivint Garage Door Controller will also replace your existing door remote. While at home, check your SkyControl panel for alerts, or while away If you forget your remote, don't worry, you can also login to your online Vivint Smart Home account or use the Smart Home App and open or close the garage door, receive notifications or configure the settings.

motion sensor

How it looks

It's a small controller that plugs into your existing garage door controller to extend the capabilities and make them available worldwide.

Why you need it

Ease your mind with the ability to check and see if your garage door closed properly from your Smartphone while using the Vivint Smart Home App, without having to drive all the way home to make sure. When you have already went to bed for the night, there is no need to get up again and check the garage, login to your Vivint Smart Home account and check the status, or create a rule to make sure the garage door is closed by 7:00pm every night. You can sleep soundly knowing that our 24/7 monitoring will alert you if there is cause for concern.

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