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Flood / Temperature Sensor

Prevent disaster and get notified before nature takes its course

What it does

Prevent major home damage costs with the installation of the Flood/Temperature Sensor. A 2-pronged probe is placed just above the floor, and if water comes in contact with the probe for 3 minutes, the Flood Sensor sends a message to you via the SkyControl panel, alerting you of the potential flooding. The sensor also does double duty and notifies you if the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius for ten minutes, which can signal a furnace malfunction and the possibility of pipes freezing.

flood / temperature sensor

Why you need it

With the Flood/Temperature sensor, you will have one less thing to worry about. It will protect you and your family from potential expensive home renovations by notifying you of water issues before major damage occurs. This tiny device will send you an alert if your thermostat stops working in cold conditions so you can fix the problem before it's too late. By configuring alerts through your Smart Home System on the Mobile App, you will receive instant notifications regarding potential flooding or freezing on your SmartPhone, even if you are away from home.

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