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Element Thermostat

A smart wireless thermostat that blends comfort and savings

What it does

Save money and create a more efficient home with the Vivint Element Thermostat. This easy to use equipment coordinates with the Vivint SkyControl Panel and allows temperature changes and new settings to be easily programmed to your specific needs. Login to your Vivint Smart Home App or online account to make immediate changes, or for hands free programming, use simple voice commands with your Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. To ensure that your programming needs are met, you can customize your mobile notifications to alert you when the Element Thermostat self-adjusts. With it's built-in in humidity sensors, the Element Thermostat can track and enhance the air quality inside your house for better breathing for everyone inside. The Element Thermostat regulates both heating and air conditioning and using the built in sensors, and collecting information about your surrounding weather, your Element Thermostat will make suggestions to you that you can employ in your home. When you arm your Vivint Smart Home System in the "away" mode, signals are communicated to the Element Thermostat to reduce the temperature while you are gone, thus conserving energy and saving you money. Temperature threshold settings will detect if your furnace cuts out, and will alert you before your pipes freeze, saving you costly home damage repair.

element thermostat

How it looks

Mounted on the wall, the Element Thermostat has an easy to read LCD touch screen with backlit LED display to help you read information in the dark.

Why you need it

There are multiple ways to control the temperature of your home and save money with the Vivint Element Thermostat. Create a comfortable environment, hands-free using Amason Echo or Google Home, or check settings and notifications while on the go with your Smart Home App.

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