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Door Sensor

Protect all the entry points to your house

What it does

Installing tamper-protected Door Sensors is an excellent investment in your families security and well-being. The Door Sensors provide extra security on doors that you may not be able to cover with Smart Locks, such as an entry door to the garage or sliding patio doors. The Door Sensor is seamlessly mounted to both the inside of the door and the frame. The sensor communicates with the Vivint SkyControl panel, so that when a door is opened, an alert is sent to the panel. You can also enable Door Sensor alerts on your Smartphone using the Vivint Smart Home App, when away from the home you will be able to monitor the passage to and from the house.

door sensor

How it looks

Slightly larger than a domino, these sensors are mounted wirelessly and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Because of their thin, compact design, they blend in with the door frame.

Why you need it

Door Sensors provide security while you are home or away, and can be placed near points of entry that intruders may think would be unarmed such as patio doors. Monitor traffic through specific doors by enabling notifications sent to your Smartphone in the Smart Home App or review alerts on your SkyControl Panel.

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