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Sky Control Panel

The hub of your home

What it does

The Vivint Sky Control Panel is the hub of the entire Smart Home System. Mounted inside your home, it will be the connectivity center allowing you to review notifications and video footage, check the weather outdoors, and temperature of inside your home. The SkyControl Panel operates on a cellular wavelength, eliminating the need for a home phone landline. The system automatically updates itself leaving virtually no maintenance and the SkyControl Panel's Two-way talk feature allows you to communicate directly with our 24/7 monitoring support. A backup battery is included in the panel, to ensure the system keeps operating even when the power goes out. And your home and information is always safe and secure because the cellular and Wi-Fi connection that the panel uses is encrypted.

Nest Thermostat

How it looks

Rectangular panel, sleek and easy to use. Touchscreen high definition with backlighting. 7-inch display screen

Why you need it

The ultimate command station, the Vivint SkyControl Panel is secure, easy to use and always on. There is no need to go to multiple areas to punch in codes or turn off devices. A special feature included on the panel is a panic button you can press when you fear you are in danger. This will sound an alarm and you will be able to communicate with our 24/7 Monitoring center.

Zwave logo

Zwave Partnership

Z Wave is the magic behind the Vivint Smart Home System, Z Wave is the wireless communication used in our equipment that allows you to have the freedom and control over your home from online or through the Vivint Smart Home App. Compared to other security and home automation systems, Z Wave establishes our system as a frontrunner because phone land lines are not needed to run the systems communication. This provides an added layer of security and fends off intruders as there are no lines to cut to shut off the system. Z Wave allows you to control not only your home's security, but lighting, temperature and even your garage door

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