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Philips Hue

Your lights connected to your life

What it does

The Phillips Hue LED bulbs integrate with your Vivint Smart Home System and provide long lasting and energy efficient lighting in your home. The bulbs are controlled by a wireless connection through your Vivint Smart Home System and you can use voice control with your Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers to apply lighting commands. Another benefit of the Phillips Hue light bulbs is that you can create groupings of lights that can be controlled specifically on timers to have different sets of lights turn off and on at different times or while you are away from the home and want to give the appearance of someone in the house. Up to 50 bulbs may be used with one Phillips Hue bridge that connects to your Vivint Smart Home System, if you only want to try out a few of the Phillips Hue bulbs, additional bulbs may be purchased and installed later if preferred.

Philips Hue bulbs

How it looks

Sleek modern LED lights that can take on almost any form. From LED strips to normal bulbs, Philips Hue comes in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Why you need it

Lighting is used everyday in your home, the ability to control specific lamps from the sound of your voice or the touch of a finger on your Vivint Smart Home App is so convenient for busy day to day life. By setting schedules for your lighting you can have your lighting adhere to your routine and enhance your home ambiance. No more entering a dark house when you have been out for the night.

Philips Hue logo

Philips Hue Partnership

We are happy to announce the integration of the Philips Hue lights into our Vivint Smart Home system! Now you can control your Philips Hue lights and your Smart Home all within one app. Just set up your different schedules with the lights and then your Smart Home will be able to know what to do with your lights for when you are away, it's bed time, or for any other situation!

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