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Google Home

Control your house with your voice

What it does

Stream music, listen to sports scores or ask about the weather with the Google Home Bluetooth speaker. Sync your Google Home device with your Vivint Smart Home System, and control your home with simple voice commands leaving your hands free. Google Home includes a with a personal assistant that you may ask questions and repeat commands concerning daily life matters and updates to your Vivint Smart Home equipment. The Smart Speaker is able to distinguish the voices of up to 6 different people. In addition to controlling your home, control your life by voicing reminders and calendar appointments that will automatically be added to your Smartphone.

Google Home

How it looks

Small, neutral colors. Looks like a piece of home d├ęcor. Easy to clean wireless speaker.

Why you need it

Having a virtual assistant to combine your personal life and the needs of your home is priceless and the benefits of being able to turn on some music, lock your door and adjust the temperature from the Living room sofa is vital after a long day.

Google Logo

Google Partnership

Partnering with google has allowed us to distribute their innovative products directly into your home at the lowest possible price.

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