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Playback DVR

Keep all your footage saved

What it does

Vivint Playback DVR stores pictures and video from your Smartphone and uploads them automatically, as soon as they are taken. The physical hard drive is installed inside the home, and with 1TB of cloud storage you can upload via Wi-Fi or via cellular network. You do not need to own an existing hardware device but do need broadband internet.

Spacemonkey Playback DVR

How it looks

Egg shaped, white and black

Why you need it

Storage, especially cloud storage is incredibly valuable, and by including Vivint Playback DVR in your Vivint Smart Home System, you can access saved videos through the Vivint Smart Home App, computer or any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world. This low-cost subscription includes Vivint SmartDrive, which is 1TB of video storage, you can save a month worth of footage from up to four cameras and browse minute by minute using event markers. Multi-camera recording, connect up to four cameras indoor, outdoor and doorbell so you can have a complete picture.

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