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Outdoor Camera

See the world from a new perspective

What it does

Vivint Outdoor Cameras can help in a wide variety of ways; with remote viewing capabilities, you don't have to be home to see what's going on outside your house. You can also access saved clips on your SkyControl panel, online account or by using your Vivint Smart Home App on your mobile phone. Recordings from the Outdoor Cameras can be triggered by motion or system events, sensors being triggered or the opening or the locking/unlocking of doors. All recordings are stored on the VivinkSky Cloud so no onsite storage is needed. The Outdoor Camera is mounted on the exterior soffit of the house and runs off your home Wi-Fi. The Outdoor Cameras allow exterior visual protection with secure recordings day or night.

Outdoor Camera

How it looks

Compact, grey, durable

Why you need it

The Outdoor Camera has many benefits for your own family, but will be useful to neighbours or guests visiting your home as well. The Outdoor Camera view can catch car theft or be helpful in any outdoor events that happen outside your house. The Outdoor Cameras can keep track of neighbourhood issues or simply being able to monitor activity outside your sidewalk which could potentially be life-saving.

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